Alan Jones on A-League violence: "Is this like terrorism in Paris?"

Australian radio broadcaster Alan Jones has sparked more fury by comparing A-League violence to the recent terrorist attacks on Paris.

Jones was speaking to Rebecca Wilson on his breakfast show about Sunday's Daily Telegraph article, in which Wilson publicly named the alleged 198 members of Football Federation Australia's banned list.

The radio host referred to the article as the 'shame files' on numerous occasions and had Wilson compare the numbers to other sports in Australia. 

"The view from the FFA is we'll prove that we're doing something," Wilson said on the show.

"Some of the extent of their offences would make your eyes water and would seriously make you question whether or not you would ever go to any A-League game at all.
"What it shows is there's a much larger problem there and it's a cultural problem within the sport."
When Wilson wrapped up Jones asker her: "Is this like terrorism in Paris? The leaders have no guts?"
Wilson replied: "That's exactly right, Alan."