A-league All Stars to lure 'top 10' team for 2015

FFA CEO David Gallop says negotiations are in an advanced stage for a club ranked inside the world Top 10 to visit Australia and face the A-League All Stars in 2015.

Speaking the morning after an impressive All Stars side lost 3-2 to reigning Serie A champions Juventus in Sydney, Gallop said the success of the All Stars concept ensures another blockbuster is on the cards during the next off-season.  

"We're already in heavy planning to make sure there's another big fixture," he revealed.

"I can't exactly announce the team yet, but I can promise it's a big one.

"A club inside the top 10 in the world and it'll be something fans will be really excited about."

No doubt this will fuel much speculation about the name of the prospective club and the league they play in.

On Sunday night, the second All Stars game proved much closer than July 2013’s 5-1 loss to Manchester United.

The Josep Gombau-coached All Stars went within a whisker of beating Juventus while showing the world the burgeoning quality on offer in the Hyundai A-League.

"It was a very successful night for us," Gallop said.

"Strategically, it is a very important concept that's been cemented home in its second year.

"And we could've even got a draw and that would've been fitting. They would've felt rattled by us, which is really pleasing.

"We're on the up and up and the skill level increases each year.

"Fans can look forward to season 10 of the Hyundai A-League and looking across our 10 clubs there's some real excitement about the skill level, which we showed last night against Juventus."

And for the All Stars overall and the event itself, Gallop marked it highly.

"Let's score it an eight out of 10," he said.