Topor-Stanley declares new Roar rivalry

Western Sydney Wanderers Captain Nikolai Topor-Stanley has talked up the upcoming semi-final against the Brisbane Roar as the latest in a line of A-League rivalries.

The centre back said there is plenty of credibility with both sides being consistent throughout the season, and both play a great brand of football.

“I’d like to think that it’s down to two consistent teams, playing a good brand of football, that’s why they’ve won things and so have we, it’s what I put it down to," Topor-Stanley said.

Topor-Stanley said that the heartache from the 2014 A-League Grand Final where the Roar won is still raw in some of the Wanderers who are playing this weekend.

“There are only a few of us left from that game, it left a bitter taste in my mouth. That was a game I felt we were largely in control of and a game that I truly believe we were going to win, even within extra time but it wasn’t to be," he said.

“None of us like losing either, especially the biggest game of all for the league, (but) this is semi final we have to concentrate and put that aside.”

The Wanderers captain said the Roar always find a way to win with time against them in tight games, including their win from the death against Melbourne Victory last weekend.

“A mark of a good team, even when things are going against them when the clocks running out, is that they can still find the goals to win games, so I’ve got plenty of respect for that," he said.

“They are never down and out, they can come back from anything and we will be up against them.”

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WSW consistent in comparison to BR? Oh really? Week 3 WSW were dead last and over the course of the season have been 9,10,6,4,1,2,3 etc. Not sure what NTS regards as consistent but that aint it.

BR started in 2 and were never out of the top 4 since.