Ashley Young's shooting drill

Improve the accuracy of your finishing with this drill from the Manchester United and England wide boy

“I always look forward to shooting drills. One of my favourites is really basic, but it’s very effective.

Take up a position slightly back from the corner of the 18-yard-box on either wing. Position a
team-mate just inside the box, with a passive defender standing in front of them.

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Have your team-mate step off the defender and show for a pass, play the ball into his feet and
cut inside to receive a return ball played around the defender into your path.

Take a touch and shoot, or shoot first-time. Aim for the far corner. This is a shot goalkeepers
find difficult to save because they’ve got to cover their near-post as well.

This drill doesn’t just have to be used for players coming in off the sideline. You can set up this drill all around the 18-yard-box.

This drill works really well because it replicates a realistic game situation. This happens week-in, week-out on the pitch and practice makes perfect.”

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