Rose: Watch & learn off the Premier League stars

Central Coast left-back Josh Rose says he models his game on Chelsea's Ashley Cole. Find out why and what you can learn from every game of football you watch

Favourite left full-back?

“I’ve always enjoyed watching Ashley Cole play to be honest, every since his early days at Arsenal and now at Chelsea.

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“He seems to get up and down the line really well, gets into the box a lot, he has great crossing, great finishing and he has great energy so I enjoy watching him play.”

Learn off every game you watch

“Whenever I watch a game of football these days, I try to keep an eye on the left full-back and the sort of runs they make.

“Watching a lot of Premier League, you see a lot of these sorts of players and you try to emulate what they do, and when they get the ball what options they have and how they go about using them.”

Utilise space and get forward

 “Being a defender, defending is my main job so I try to concentrate first and foremost on that. We work a lot in training on when I should get forward anyway, so with the structure in the team, with switches of play, I know when I can get forward and when it’s a good opportunity for me to get forward. 

“At Central Coast, Arnie (coach Graham Arnold) likes the wing-backs to get forward, basically if the space is there for me to utilise, he wants me to go, and it works great for me.”

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