Top 10: Shocking tackles

Zinedine Zidane on Marco Materazzi

Italy vs France, 2006 World Cup Final

The world watched, rubbing its eyes. It was going so well -“ he had shown unbelievable impudence and class from the penalty spot earlier in the game, and there was a chance that he would have bowed out of football in the most romantic fashion.

But Zinedine Zidane'™s Glasgow Kiss to Marco Materazzi saw a legend of the game tarnish the final match of a glorious career with a red card. But it wasn'™t just any match -“ it was the World Cup final.

The newspapers had a field day, bandying about possible insults that could have pushed Zizou over the edge. The Daily Star, in particular, enjoyed their role in proceedings, "˜exclusively revealing"™ made-up details, about which they would later be forced to apologise.

The paper used a front-page photo with a speech bubble from Materazzi's mouth stating: "Your Mum's a Terrorist Wh*re." Their remarkable selection of headlines also included "What Made ZZ Blow His Top" and "Zid's Vicious Over Wh*re Slur on Mum - The Cruel Taunt That Made Legend Lose It."

Football hadn'™t seen such column inches in the UK since Goldenballs'™ leg twitch eight years previously. But should Zidane's nutting of the Italian have surprised people so much? The card was Zizou'™s 14th red -“ that'™s two more than Vinnie Jones.