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USA 2022 World Cup home kit: Have Nike reinvented the wheel with this one?

USA 2022 World Cup home kit: Have Nike reinvented the wheel with this one?
(Image credit: Nike)

The USA 2022 World Cup home kit has dropped and yes, it's missing something from the body. 

Nike are an American brand so it makes sense that they'd want to deliver something unique for their home team. So where's the Swoosh? It's rather NFL that they've placed it on the sleeves…

Adidas and Puma have already released their World Cup kits, with the Swoosh now following – the Nike away shirt for the USMNT has dropped, too. Almost all World Cup shirts have now been released ahead of November's tournament.

FFT's verdict

The USA 2022 World Cup home kit is as much a statement for Nike as anything

For the United States men's national team's last home kit, Nike used their Futura logo – the Swoosh accompanied with the "NIKE" type above. The US were the only nation to get this treatment, following a string of third shirts being released at club level with the logo, such as PSG's iconic 2019/20 white top with the vertical line down by the badge. 

The US have once more got an exclusive at international level that PSG have domestically – yes, the Swooshes are on the sleeve, rather than on the body of the kit itself. Strangely, the Swoosh is mirrored on the right sleeve. This is the first time that the brand have ever done this internationally in football. 

"The 2022 USA collection serves as a symbol of national pride and draws inspiration from the United States’ diverse and storied sport legacy," Nike says. "The iconic U.S. uniform design cues include bold stripes, an enlarged center [sic] crest akin to basketball jerseys, double Swooshes on the sleeves reminiscent of those used on American football jerseys, the unique shoulder and sleeve cut-and-sew construction and pattern of a hockey jersey, and timeless block lettering."

Nike 2022 World Cup kit

The USA 2022 World Cup home and away kits (Image credit: Nike)

If this were any other national shirt, it would probably be controversial – but like Nike says, it's part of the country's history. It's not a big deal – the bigger problem is that these Swooshes are literally the only talking point of the entire shirt. 

There are a couple of stripes on the shoulders but otherwise, this one feels a little too basic. Was it too much to ask for a pattern at all? The "States United" on the inside of the collar looks great – but it's not even on show. 

Nike 2022 World Cup kit

The USA 2022 World Cup home kit (Image credit: Nike)

In doing something "out there", Nike seem to have kept it incredibly safe. It's a lovely looking kit, don't get us wrong… but not one that's going to stand out particularly. 

You can buy this one from Nike football (opens in new tab)the rest of the World Cup kits (opens in new tab) are on there, too.

Buy the shirt

Nike 2022 World Cup kit

The Nike USA World Cup 2022 home shirt (Image credit: Nike)

Nike USA 2022 World Cup home shirt

Swooshes on the sleeves? Those pesky Americans are always trying to reinvent our game…


Sizes: S-3XL

Reasons to buy

Super minimal look is great
The red and navy are well-chosen
The USA badge is one of the better ones in world football

Reasons to avoid

It's too plain

Shirt info

What is the sizing like with the Nike USA 2022 World Cup home kit?

The sizing with all Nike football kits is natural enough for your size – though the cuffs and collar might be a little tight if you're looking for a slimmer fit. 

Nike have a full size guide here (opens in new tab).

What is the difference between the match and regular versions of the Nike USA 2022 World Cup home kit?

The match version of the shirt is the official jersey that the players will wear for matches. The only differences are minimal, usually in the material being slightly different and the badges and logos being woven into the shirt rather than printed on.

"This one pairs authentic design details with lightweight, quick-drying fabric to help keep the world's biggest football stars cool and comfortable on the pitch. This product is made from 100% recycled polyester fibres," Nike says.

"Nike Dri-FIT ADV technology combines moisture-wicking fabric with advanced engineering and features to help you stay dry and comfortable. Informed by athlete testing, open-hole fabric in high-heat zones helps you stay cool when the game heats up."

If you want to pay extra for that added quality, you can buy the authentic shirt here (opens in new tab). In terms of design or feel though, the regular version of the top is perfectly good and just the same to the naked eye.

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