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Amazon Prime Day Kindle deals – and 7 football books to get you started

The best football books
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If you've been thinking of picking up a Kindle, but don't know where to start, we've got you covered.

The first-time cost of picking up a Kindle e-reader can put people off – and once you've got it, what books should you start with.

And while picking up just a few e-books a year will probably see you make a saving overall, today's probably the best day of the year to save even more money on it.

Amazon Prime Day (running this year for the whole of October 13 and 14) is the cheapest window of the year to pick up Amazon goods like Kindles – you can save £40 on picking one up today. 

Remember, the Amazon Prime Day deals are only available to Amazon Prime subscribers – you can get a 30-day free trial if you sign up here to access these deals and get one-day delivery.

Not only have we good people at FFT rounded up the best deals for a new Kindle, we've also got tips on where to get started.

Picking the best football books for you depends entirely on what it is you love reading. Whether it's the autobiography of your favourite 90s striker, a nostalgic look back at a great team of the past, or a sensationally nerdy tactical deep dive, there are literally thousands of great books for you to sink your teeth into. 

At FFT, there is nothing we love more than relaxing with a football book - whether it's at home, commuting to the office or lying by a pool on holiday. Here's some of the current picks from the office.

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Amazon Kindle

Amazon Prime Day deal: £54.99
RRP: £79.99

Amazon's most basic Kindle is the cheapest and easiest option. It's not the swankiest or most high-tech e-reader on the market but the latest models now have a backlight (the old one's didn't) meaning you can read your football books in low light, plus you can play audiobooks through them. The lack of gadgets and new-fangled features also make it simple to use, and therefore perfect for very young or much older users. 

It's 4GB of memory, which means you'll have to keep your on-the-go library trim – but in reality just means remembering to delete books you've already read.

Today, it costs just £54.99 – a saving of £25 on the normal cost. That's 31% cheaper than if you wait until next week to buy one.

And you can save even more money: if you buy the version that allows special offers to be advertised on your Kindle screen when you're not using it, you can keep another tenner and get it for just £44.99.

Buy an Amazon Kindle for £54.99 now

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon kindle Paperwhite

(Image credit: Amazon)

8GB Kindle Paperwhite Amazon Prime Day deal: £79.99
RRP: £119.99

This is for your slightly-more-serious readers – but for today, has the same cost that the regular Kindle normally does.

It's lighter and thinner than the one above, which means it can fit snugly into a pocket and carried around, while having twice the memory available.

The basic Paperwhite has 8GB of memory, has a six inch high-resolution screen, and is even waterproof (in case of any mishaps in the bath or by the pool).

A single battery charge lasts a full week, the adjustable screen light means you can read anywhere easily, and it comes in a range of colours: Black, Twilight Blue, Plum and Sage (that's referee, Manchester City, Roma and Sporting Lisbon to us). 

This is the biggest saving you'll get on any Kindle for Prime Day – the £40 off equates to 33% for this version. 

Buy the 8GB Kindle Paperwhite here for £79.99


But wait, that's not all!

The Paperwhite comes in a range of sizes, depending on how big your e-library is set to be.

All of the sizes come with a flat £40 saving, but the step up in quality is pretty big.

32GB Kindle Paperwhite Amazon Prime Day deal: £119.99
RRP: £159.99

Four times – yes, four times – the memory of the previous one, and only for an extra £30. It would be hard pushed to ever fill this up – even Arsene Wenger probably doesn't have a library this big.

If you're a big reader, then this is the one for you.

And once again, if you don't mind being advertised to, you can get the 'special offers' version for £10 less.

Buy the 32GB Kindle Paperwhite here for £109.99


32GB Kindle Paperwhite with free 4G Amazon Prime Day deal: £179.99
RRP: £219.99

Not only do you get the massive memory, but free access to 4G means you can download new books and magazines wherever you are. 

Picture this, you're on the train when you realise the latest issue of FourFourTwo has just come out. 

What are you going to do? Wait until later to go to the shop? What is this, 1994?

Just get out your Kindle, download it and read it straight away. It's the future.

Buy 32GB Kindle Paperwhite with free 4G for £179.99 here

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis Prime Day

(Image credit: Amazon)

8GB Kindle Oasis Amazon Prime Day deal: £159.99
RRP: £229.99

This is the head honcho of the Kindle family – and today, it comes with a whopping £70 saving

A seven-inch screen, with customisable lighting settings – so you can switch to a softer, ochre background that's easier on the eyes – this is again waterproof, and can withstand submersion for up to an hour without conking out for good.

It's Whispersync setting allows you to switch between reading and listening to the audiobook version without losing your place – it will just pick up where you left off.

Like the above, this also comes in 32GB and 32GB with 4G versions.

Buy 8GB Kindle Oasis for £159.99 here

Buy 32GB Kindle Oasis for £189.99 here

Buy 32GB Kindle Oasis with free 4G for £249.99 here

FourFourTwo subscription

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Get a subscription to FFT on your Kindle. That's right, your favourite footy magazine is available on Kindle, meaning the latest editions will automatically download straight to your device every month. No need to get off your backside and purchase it from the shops, or even walk to the letterbox.

Get the latest exclusive interviews, long reads, trips down Memory Lane, quizzes, games, previews, gossip and more with an annual FFT subscription straight to your Kindle. 

Purchase on Kindle

Nicklas Bendtner: Both Sides

(Image credit: amazon)

Guaranteed to be the brashest, cockiest and most cringeworthy football book of 2020, Both Sides by Nicklas Bendtner has received rave reviews from critics after being released last week. 

The former Arsenal forward speaks about his rough childhood in Denmark, his father-son relationship with Arsene Wenger, his life as an internet meme and the former gambling addiction which once saw him down £400,000 in a single night at a London Casino. 

It's seriously a fantastic story, told with complete honesty by a man who admits never made enough of his exceptional talent. You won't regret reading it, we promise.

Purchase on Kindle

Zonal Marking

(Image credit: amazon)

One for the unapologetic football nerds among you - a must read for anyone wanting to learn more about the inner workings of the beautiful game. 

Written by one of the sharpest minds working as a football journalist today, Michael Cox's Zonal Marking takes the deepest of dives into the formations, the tinkering and the philosophy behind some of the most successful teams in history. 

It's written to be understood by just about anyone. So whether you're Marcelo Bielsa or just trying to get into the game for the first time, you're guaranteed to find it fun and informative.

Admit it, it's one of those books you've been thinking about reading for ages but not got round to it. What are you waiting for?

Purchase on Kindle

Football Against The Enemy

(Image credit: amazon)

A fascinating read for anyone who sees the beautiful game as more than a simple form of entertainment. Football isn't just a sport, it's a potent force in the lives of billions of people around the world. 

Through interviews and reports from far flung corners of the Earth, Kuper explains how football impacts nations, politics and cultures. He explains how everyday hopes, fears, ambitions and disappointments are influenced and realised by the game we all love.

This is more than just a football book, it's a study of human beings, and few football books will expand your mind and make you see the world differently in the way Football Against The Enemy can. A must read. 

Purchase on Kindle

Jamie Redknapp: Me, Family and the Making of a Footballer

(Image credit: amazon)

We all know about Jamie Redknapp's professional life in football: the Spice Boys era, the rising stardom with England, the injuries that curtailed a promising career and the quality punditry after hanging up his boots.

But what we know little of are the early years, until now. Redknapp was born into a footballing family, and not only due to his connection to dad 'Arry and cousin Frank Lampard. Jamie's grandfather was also a great footballer and playing the beautiful game was all the family cared about. 

Redknapp tells hilarious stories about growing up as a football manager's son, from skipping school to attend Bournemouth training sessions with his dad and football-obsessed trips to the coast. It's a heart-warming, funny and insightful read. Perfect for a rainy day by the fire. 

Purchase on Kindle

St. Pauli: Another Football is Possible

(Image credit: St. Pauli)

Another book which came out only very recently, St. Pauli: Another Football is Possible is a celebration of German football club St. Pauli, based in Hamburg. 

While only a second division side at the time of writing, St. Pauli is a club known to millions worldwide, thanks to a fanbase which believes politics and football go hand in hand. Supporters are well-known for their radical left-wing ideals, promotion of gay and trans rights and a firm belief that everybody can and must be treated equally in life. 

Carles Vinas and Natxo Parra paint a fascinating history of the football club, and explain how politics, music, art and sport combine on the terraces in the fight against discrimination. A powerful and mesmerising book about football, and how it can be a force for good in an often corrupt and capitalist world. 

Purchase on Kindle

The Secret Footballer: What the Physio Saw

(Image credit: amazon)

The Secret Footballer has long been a celebrated voice in the world of football literature. The former player has lifted the lid on what it's like to play at all levels of the game, from the lower reaches of the pyramid to the Premier League. We've learned all about abuse from the stands, injuries, depression, extravagant spending and incompetent colleagues from the pen of this unidentified maverick. 

This time, he's teamed up with a secret physio. From decades of working at various clubs and teams, he lifts the lid on what goes on in the doctor's office. It's another fascinating, hilarious and heartbreaking instalment from TSF, and well worth a read. 

Purchase on Kindle

Peter Crouch: How to be a Footballer

(Image credit: amazon)

One of the most beloved figures in British football, former England striker Peter Crouch gives us a hilarious insight into what it is like being a top level footballer in the modern era, from social media gaffs and pampered lifestyles to scoring at Wembley and dealing with Rafa Benitez on a daily basis. How to Be a Footballer is rightly regarded as one of the very best football books of recent years.

The perfect read for anyone who loves the game, and fancies a good chuckle while they learn about their heroes. 

Purchase on Kindle

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