Desperate for football? Who you gonna call? Er, Jim White...

Take a break from the rumour mill...

Bored of the World Cup-Premier League interlull already? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
It’s only been… *counts*… 15 days since that big tournament in Brazil finished, but that means there’s still another… *counts*… 19 until the new Premier League season kicks off on August 16. Sigh. 
But that’s where Sky Sports’ GoalLine comes in, helpfully brought to you by deadline-day caffeine hoarder Jim White. 
“It’s just a laugh to be honest,” the Scot tells FFT. “It’s a helpline for fans desperate for a football fix in between the end of the World Cup and the start of the new season. 
“They just have to tell us which Premier League club they support, and they can hear key moments from last season. The great news for them is that they hear from me first before they get put through, so that’s an added bonus.”
Manchester United fans better not dial then, eh Jim? 
“We may have had to do a wee bit extra work in that area to find some memorable moments, but there were a few right?,” White muses, before adding there should be better days ahead for the Old Trafford side.
“It could be a phenomenal season with Louis van Gaal in charge. I met him some years ago in Amsterdam, and he’s every bit as awesome as you think he might be. When he talks you listen.”
Call the Sky Sports GoalLine on 0333 202 2177, a helpline for fans desperate for a football fix ahead of the new season. Find more of the games that matter next season on Sky Sports.