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El Nacional goalkeeper dives ridiculously after referee pokes him

In the 88th minute, Ecuadorian side El Nacional were leading 4-3 on aggregate at Bolivia's San Jose. With the clock running down, Padilla did his best to help his team-mates out by wasting away the final few seconds of the second leg.

As the net-minder painstakingly went to pick up the ball, he was shown a yellow card by referee Jose Argote, who gave him a little nudge of encouragement to get the game going again.

Incredibly, the 25-year-old goalkeeper pretended to take great offence and fell to the floor. Luckily for Padilla, the referee couldn't be bothered to take any further action and let the game continue.

El Nacional finished the continental clash with their one-goal win; Padilla only with egg on his face.

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