FourFourTwo Podcast, Episode #13: Dead and Bury

Bury have been kicked out of the EFL, while Bolton survive by the skin of their teeth. But what really happened?

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Two teams, six miles apart, 279 years of history between them: one saved, and one condemned.

In this episode, Conor Pope discusses Bury’s expulsion from the Football League with Bury fan Tom Pickup, Bolton Wanderers’ reprieve with FourFourTwo staff writer Chris Flanagan, and the wider context of this issue – as well as what other clubs could be at risk – with football finance expert Kieran Maguire.


Gary Parkinson: What English football can learn from the disasters of Bolton and Bury – so they can't happen again

Tom Pickup: The final week of Bury FC? How my club came to the brink of extinction

Chris Flanagan: How did Bolton Wanderers get here? Featuring Pink Floyd, Laurence Bassini and an angry magician

Kieran Devlin: How realistic is a salary cap for clubs in the Football League? We asked an expert…

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