Monday's Good Day, Bad Day - Round 32

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Good Day

Wesley Sneijder

The combination of a seven-man defence for Murcia and a 10-man Real Madrid was the perfect storm resulting in Sunday's Bernabeu bore-fest.

La Liga Loca was counting its blessings that a blinding sun shut out most of the first half.

However, the one beacon of joy in an ocean of mediocrity in recent matches has been the performances of little Wesley Sneijder.

Possessing the speed of thought and precision lacking in Gago and the work-rate definitely missing from Guti, the Dutch midfielder is almost single-handedly dragging Real Madrid towards the league title.

Sneijder: Single-handedly dragging Real over the finishing line 

Marc Ruben

A Villarreal player brought in for 3.5 million euros, but loaned out to Recreativo, it was a very handy brace for the Yellow Submarine youngster - even if his first effort didn't actually cross the line. But hey, it cancels out Touré Yaya's dubious effort against Athletic Bilbao, back in September. 

Dani Alves

It was with a gasp of amazement when La Liga Loca read that Dani Alves' absolute peach of a goal on Sunday was his first league strike of the season. It's "Vamos mi Sevilla" as the Andaluce army continues its stuttering run for a Champions League place.

Barthlomew Ogbeche

La Liga Loca was lucky enough to interview Valladolid's nice as pie, Nigerian super sub once so couldn't have been happier to see him pop up - all be it, in an offside position - to grab his team's late equaliser.

Racing Santander

Valencia may have been abject, but there was still a job to be done for Marcelino's amazing men on Saturday night. And they did it in style. Their defence is without Garay, the midfield is old, bold and creaky and the strikers somewhat profligate, but still Racing march on.

Gianni di Biasi

This may sound a little odd, but La Liga Loca would nominate Levante's Italian stallion as a candidate for manager of the year. Despite off the field chaos, player strikes and lack of salary payments, di Biasi still refuses to give in to relegation and pulls results like the 1-0 win over Betis out of the bag.

Bad Day


The blog is sorry to report that there's been a bit of bad air between the two halves of La Liga Loca recently. One felt that the whole Barcelona 'club in crisis' was an hysterical press invention and that things can never be that bad if you are in two tournaments.

The other felt that Barcelona were, indeed, in all kinds of trouble. And the blog can assure you that this has caused some frosty looks over breakfast in recent weeks.

But now it's all smiles over the Sunny D, as this half of the blog is ready to concede that the other was right all along.

"A team without a soul," complained Sport. "In Huelva, they repeated a film we've seen so many times and it always ends badly," lamented Josep Maria Casanovas.

Barcelona were 2-0 up against Betis - but threw it away. And against Almerìa and now Recreativo, Frankie Rijkaard's men held the lead twice - but, and the blog is sorry to lower the FourFourTwo tone - p*ssed it away, again. That's seven points lost and the reason why a distinctly average Real Madrid team are now running away with the title.

Barca: Throwing away more points, this time at Recreativo 

Real Betis

With recent wins on the trot over Osasuna, Barcelona and Zaragoza and seven more matches to get one more victory that will ensure safety this season, it seems that the Betis players have downed tools after crashing 1-0 at home to lowly Levante.

"I don't know what happened. We never got into the game," complained pint-sized Paco Chaparro, scratching his head.

Atlético Madrid

The 3000 or so Atlético Madrid fans - a biblical exodus when compared to the 13 Osasuna supporters La Liga Loca counted at Getafe recently - who dragged themselves all the way to the railway station for the one hour trip to Valladolid certainly enjoyed their day out on Sunday.

"For an hour, Atlético were dead, then they revived and with the battle won, decided to commit suicide," wrote AS's Iñaki Díaz Guerra on the rojiblanco last minute capitulation against Valladolid.

A victory for Atlético would have brought Javier Aguirre's half-wits to within four points of Barcelona and made the race for the Champions League places vaguely interesting. Instead, they now have Racing Santander and Sevilla breathing down their footballing necks.

Miguel Moya

A truly horrible bit of goalkeeping from the normally reliable man between the sticks for Mallorca gifts Sevilla their first goal in their 3-2 win.


Oh dear. Not much left to say really. Not that this has stopped a might-explode-soon Paul from Barcelona with a raving Culé-accosting rant. Take it away, Paul.

"Two things wrong with my match report this week fans.
1) Not much of a match to report.
2) I'm trying to blank it out, a kind of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Absolute garbage from start to finish. All credit to Osasuna, at least they played a bit of football.

A howler from Kameni gave them 3 points. One of them missed a sitter that should have made it 0-2 and Tamudo nearly scored the goal of the season with of those fancy one foot behind the other flicks beloved of one-footed players.

Ricardo tried his best to drop everything that came his way, including his pen while he was doing a Sudoku during a boring first half. Valverde tried to change it by bringing on Reira, but if Reira is the answer it was a stupid question to start with.

Honourable mention goes to the two Osasuna fans who had the away end to themselves and still stood up for the minute's silence. Well done chaps. The only bit of class on view today. There were seven of them at the end. Very strange.

Ok. The fun bit..Barça. How funny was that. Never a goal in a million years but chickens coming home to roost armchair Culés.

If we can win one more match this year please let it be next week. I will be there if the police let us in as a 50 euro ticket doesn't guarantee that you'll be allowed in, in case we make a noise and disturb the sleeping hordes."

Paul, Barcelona.

Rubén de la Red

The curse of having Marca's Roberto Gomez fawning all over you and declaring the Getafe footballer to be "the best player in Spain," has been too much for poor old Rubén de la Red to bear.

On Thursday, he was given his marching orders after just four minutes against Bayern Munich and on Sunday the midfielder missed the sitter of the year against Zaragoza. A sitter that would have given Getafe security had he converted it.

Rubén de la Red has had better weeks


Slowly being cut adrift at the bottom.