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Quiz! Can you name every player in England’s squad for Le Tournoi in 1997?

This week’s UEFA Nations League finals has got us thinking here at FourFourTwo towers: what are the best four-team tournaments of all time?

To be honest, we got as far as 1997’s Le Tournoi, realised it happened this week 22 years ago, and gave up thinking of more. Yesterday was even the anniversary of Roberto Carlos’ ridiculous banana free-kick.

And let’s not forget the most important element of it: England overcame Italy, France and Brazil to reign triumphant, setting the Three Lions up nicely for a second World Cup win the following summer. That happened, right?

So, as excitement reaches fever pitch for the Nations League – England are in the semis! It’s coming home! We’re not sure what it is, but it’s coming home! – we thought we’d reflect on that great victory in France. Just look at how happy it made Alan Shearer.

We want you to name all 22 players that were called up to the England squad for that eight-day tournament – including the three who didn’t make an appearance. We’re giving you how many appearances each made during Tournoi de France, their position and the club they played for at the time – but only four minutes to get them.

Once you’re done, send a screenshot of your score to @FourFourTwo and challenge a friend to see if they can do any better.


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