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Quiz! Can you name the last 22 England players to score at a World Cup finals?

Gary Lineker

The 1970s were considered halcyon days for football, but it was a decade of ignominy for the English national team. For the first time since they deigned to enter the World Cup in 1950, England failed to qualify for the tournament – twice. 

England didn't appear at the 1974 or 1978 World Cups and the globe mourned. We assume. Yet they’ve been at every World Cup since then (aside from USA ’94 – and do we not like that), and these are the players who’ve made the most of it.

Each of these players has the distinction of scoring in a World Cup finals. In fact, one player has the honour of having scored 10 and owning a Golden Boot – the only England player to own one (until Danny Welbeck joins him in 2018, naturally).

There's five minutes to try to name every scorer. The World Cups they’ve scored in and playing position is below – and we’d love to know your total @FourFourTwo. We’ll retweet the best, if you don’t give answers away – and please challenge some pals too. Go! 

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