Quiz! Can you name the goalscorers in Liverpool vs Chelsea matches since 2006?

Fernando Torres
(Image credit: Getty)

10 minutes on the clock, 69 players to guess. How many can you name?

Remember to tweet your scores @FourFourTwo, and challenge some friends!

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It's not exactly a rivalry but games between Chelsea and Liverpool tend to be exciting.

The modern-day narrative between these two has roots in the 2005 Champions League semi-final in which Liverpool profited from a ghost goal. There are have been  plenty of humdingers since with Frank Lampard swiping at Jurgen Klopp last year to sit down.

These are two vastly different clubs but they know just one thing: how to win. Today, we're looking for the players who came out on top between the two.

Can you remember every scorer since 2006?


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