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Quiz! Can you name the most valuable players in the Champions League and Europa League?

Mount and Rice
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Eight minutes on the clock, 50 players to guess.

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It's often said that at the top table of football sits an elite cabal of clubs - and that it's wickedly difficult to even get close to that level of superiority.

But looking through the 25 most valuable players in the Europa League - according to Transfermarkt - you'll notice most of them are from the same few clubs. The difference of course between the Europa and the Champions League? The ceiling.

The quality of the Europa League is no doubt improving, with world-class players on show in Europe's second-tier competition. One wonders though how many of the stars in that column are going to join those in the other column in the following years, though...

Today, we'd like you to tell us who those stars are. Can you guess these 50 players?


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