Real Madrid Super Spot the Difference

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Back when La Liga Loca was just a nipper, a mere squiggle scrawled on the kitchen floor with a crayon rather than the fully-fledged, typed-
out-on-a-computer-and-everything uberblog that it is these days, it used to like doing Spot the Difference puzzles.

But very soon, Little La Liga Loca - for that, readers, was its name back then - got very, very bored. They were just too easy.

Two pictures of a footballer with five subtle changes, which sounds tough until you realised, as Little La Liga Loca did, that they were always the same bloody five subtle changes.


Football player loses one of the bands on his sock, football player's shirt no longer has club badge, football player's boot no longer has tick/swoosh/stripes on side, ball that football player is kicking no longer says Mitre on it, football player's shorts have vanished and his dinglie-danglies are there for all to see!


So, La Liga Loca has decided to start offering a proper Spot the Difference competition, one that will have you scratching your heads for weeks, like a pack of lice-infested infants.

Here goes, spot the difference between this:


Real Madrid president Ramón Calderón has proven himself to be a real gentleman. Last week he spoke to [Sevilla president] José María Del Nido to tell him he wouldn’t sign Capel or Luis Fabiano [by paying the buy-out clause]. He told [Atlético president] Enrique Cerezo that he should relax: he wasn’t going to take Aguero off him.

Yesterday, he told Fernando Roig that he wasn’t going to take Villa off Valencia, because it wouldn’t be fair on them. "I would never do to others what I wouldn't want done to me," Calderón said. Gentlemanliness and class, two characteristics of Calderón that are rare in football but that he has made his badge of honour. If only others would learn from him.

[MARCA, Monday] (And for good measure, Marca on Wednesday added: "Calderon is demonstrating a gentlemanliness and decency without precedent in football by not going for any players in the final two weeks of the transfer market.”)

Calderon: All about the gentlemanliness and decency

And this ...


Real Madrid president Ramón Calderón and Villarreal president Fernando Roig met at the Valencia Grand Prix:

Calderón: "Fernando, we're going to go for Cazorla. It's what the coach wants."  

Roig: "Ramón, don't screw me over. Don't do that to me."

Calderón: "We’ve got the money and we’re going to pay the buy-out clause [which means Villarreal can't do anything to stop it]. If we can agree a deal with the player we’re signing him."
[MARCA, Tuesday.] 

Answers on a postcard to: Super Spot the Difference Competition, Grown
La Liga Loca, That bin outside VIPs, Madrid.

The winner gets a signed shirt from Real Madrid’s latest star signing, Cristiano Rona … er, Santi Cazorla. No? Sorry. Hang on. David Villa! Yes, that’s it: David Villa.

Or someone.