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Soccermatics: Where do England's main strikers score their goals from?

Roy will be looking for England's strike force to establish itself before Euro 2016, and there contenders to lead the line are many.

Here we look at where the competing forwards have scored their league goals from this season, whether inside the six-yard box, in the area, from wide or even outside the penalty area.

Harry Kane's posted some solid numbers, but perhaps takes a few too many wild shots from outside the box.

Jamie Vardy's been exceptional this season, with a terrific conversation rate from inside the box. In fact, his numbers in that regard are better than Neymar's and only slightly worse than Lionel Messi's.

Theo Walcott's figures make for less impressive reading. Arsenal's problem all campaign has been the number of shots they've had blocked inside the area; that might be because their build-up moves are too slow, but Walcott's just not in the same league as Vardy and Kane when it comes to finishing off chances.

Dannys Sturridge and Welbeck haven't really had enough playing time to produce reliable figures, but they certainly haven't done badly when give a chance.

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