The Suck It and See Weekend Preview

‘Pssst. What did he just say?’

The European journalist, sent over to South America to cover Argentina’s final two World Cup qualifiers, clearly hadn’t brushed up on the leisure activities unit of his Spanish vocabulary book.

While foreign hacks decided how they would best translate Maradona’s tirade at journalists, some entrepreneurial Argentines saw the opportunity to make a quick peso.

These are times of crisis after all.

NEWS: Maradona rounds on Argentina critics

Within an hour of Maradona’s "you can suck it and keep sucking it," there was already a domain name registered with the phrase.

Someone with a T-shirt emporium quickly called up a model and photographer to get the catalogue shots for the latest addition to their range, also bearing the legend ‘suck it and keep sucking.’

The whole country was watching.

There were 80 percent fewer passengers on the underground, not a single crime reported in the centre of Buenos Aires, while cinemas suffered a 50 percent decline in business.

Everybody was tuned in to watch the Uruguay-Argentina clash.

NEWS: Argentina book World Cup berth

Fortunately the press conference took place after the Watershed.

After some confusion over its press pass, Argie Bargy ended up watching the game pitch-side, which also meant witnessing the post-match scenes up close and personal.

‘Suckgate’ had yet to take to take place, but it was clear the war with the media had already started.

As players leaped around, there was a testosterone-fuelled mix of euphoria at having qualified, along with untamed aggression towards the journalists and photographers replete with shoving, grimaces and repeated hijos de putaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

In the fall-out of the press conference, just about everyone is talking about Maradona’s choice of insult rather than Argentina qualifying for the World Cup.

The players are trying to buck the trend by talking about football.

In the understatement of the year, Juan Sebastián Verón admits that Argentina aren’t candidates to win the World Cup.

Captain Javier Mascherano says they have to sort out everything they did wrong, with the implication that there’s a hell of a lot to sort out.

Leo Messi confessed that he hasn’t performed like he should with the national side.

Carlitos Tevez, meanwhile, says he’s considering retiring from the team because the abuse the players get isn’t worth it.

NEWS: Messi admits to under-par perfromances

FIFA have decided to investigate Maradona, but their vice president, who is also president of the Argentine FA, is standing by Diego.

Julio Grondona decided to also criticise journalists for asking ‘insidious’ questions, and said that Maradona was a ‘special case.’ 

Grondona also said that he’d choose Maradona as his coach again if he had to.

The soap opera continues.

NEWS: Maradona faces five-match ban for outburst

Oh, and this weekend there’s league football. Perhaps next week we can talk about that.

Round 9 Fixtures


San Lorenzo vs Rosario Central
Lanús vs Vélez


Gimnasia vs Colón
Atlético Tucumán  vs Godoy Cruz
Argentinos vs Racing
Arsenal vs Banfield


Independiente vs Chacarita
Huracán vs River
Boca vs Tigre
Newell’s vs Estudiantes

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