The low block: football tactics explained

Best Premier League managers ever
Tony Pulis knew how to set-up a team in a low block (Image credit: Getty Images)

Making yourself hard to play against is one of the fundamentals to football coaching. You can have a team full of talented, technically excellent, footballers, but if you also have a soft underbelly, don’t expect results over a long hard season.

At times football is often talked about like a chess match, particularly when it comes to the tactical battle, and as we all know rule one of chess (probably) is to think 'which move would make things most uncomfortable for my opponent right now?' Then do it.

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Jack Lacey-Hatton
Freelance writer

Jack has worked as a sports reporter full-time since 2021. He previously worked as the Chief Women’s Football Writer at the Mirror, covering the England Women’s national team and the Women’s Super League. Jack has covered a number of major sporting events in recent years including the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup on the ground in Australia.