Sanchez hopeful of return after heart surgery

MADRID - Sevilla defender Sergio Sanchez is hopeful he can get the all clear from doctors to return to action in three or four months after undergoing heart surgery in Germany last week.

The 24-year-old was ordered to stop playing at the beginning of January after being diagnosed with a heart condition and will begin his recuperation at a clinic on the Baltic after the operation in Hamburg.

"What I wanted to do was fight to get back to playing and it seems that my fight is bearing fruit," Sanchez said in an interview with Gol Television.

"If there were chances before there are more now, and better ones, but I also don't want to raise my hopes too high," he added. "Go step by step, be cautious and wait for the final decision which will be in three or four months."

Sanchez spoke about waking up from the anaesthetic and said he would have to take an anti-coagulant for three months.

"I saw my girlfriend crying and I realised that everything had gone really well," he said.

"Imagine it, everything pent up inside, joy, tension and a small light shining again that I might return to playing and really I am very happy."

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