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The ultimate agility workout for football

This exercise will fire up your glutes before you start training. Tie a thera-band around your ankles and position your feet shoulder-width apart, creating tension in the band. Bend your knees slightly, lean forward and sidestep to your left, pushing your left leg out, followed quickly by your right. Take five steps on the left, before repeating to the right. Strengthening your glutes will boost your speed, power, balance, agility and strength.
Reps: 10-15 seconds
Sets: 3-5 sets

Using four cones, mark out a square measuring two by two metres. Number the cones 1 to 4. Stand in the middle of the square, facing a partner on the outside. When your partner randomly calls out a number between one and four, dart to the corresponding cone, touch it with your hand and return to the middle. Your partner calls another number immediately, and you react. This drill challenges your ability to turn and react quickly, enhancing acceleration and deceleration.
Reps: 10-15 seconds
Sets: 3-5 sets

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