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Quiz! Can you name the club these 50 players DID NOT play for?

Miroslav Klose
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10 minutes on the clock, 50 players to guess.

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Transfer season always throws up interesting moves and signings that you can't believe would go there. But how many of them do you actually remember?

Some players become so synonymous with one club that it's actually hard to remember them elsewhere. Take Wayne Rooney, for example – who's incidentally not a name in today's quiz. By the time he left Manchester United, the club he became top scorer for, you could have almost forgotten that he was making a homecoming in returning for Everton.

Well, we say almost. There are some players who far less associated with clubs that they turned out for in their careers. We've listed 50 players from over the years – bonus point to you if you can tell us what all 50 stars have in common – and listed four of their clubs. Except one of them is false.

Can you tell us which one?


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