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Quiz! Can you name all 31 British players to appear in a Champions League final?

Bale Liverpool 2018

Time to get this quiz in before it gets out of hand: with two Premier League clubs facing off this weekend, several Brits will be adding their names to it post-Madrid.  

Before they do, though, the 31 players below have all either started or come off the bench in a Champions League final up to now. That means we’ve excluded substitutes who didn’t quite make the field of play. Huge apologies, David May and Jonathan Greening. Forgive us. 

The majority have played for English teams, as you’d expect. However, a few exotic adventurers have appeared for clubs based as far afield as Spain, Germany and... well, that’s it.

We’ve given you the number of finals each player has featured in, their club at the time and year – or years – the magic happened. All we ask of you is a surname. Then, when you’re finished, tweet us your scores @FourFourTwo – we'll retweet 'em if there's no spoilers – and then share the quiz with your pals to see how they get on.


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