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Quiz! How many of these 20 football club owners can you name?

Vincent Tan

Very few football club owners get to be the people we love to love. Most spent their days out of the limelight, avoiding contact with fans baying for blood – or worse, trying to empty their bank accounts bi-annually.

They say the best way to become a millionaire is by being a billionaire and then buying a football club, but a few of the more sensible souls below have done just fine from controlling the purse strings at their respective clubs.

You often hear their names – but do you have the foggiest what they actually look like?

It’s now time to put that to the test. Below are 20 images of football club owners from around the globe, featuring colourful characters from the likes of Italy, Ireland and the good old U-S-A!!!

There’s no time limit like most of our quizzes, but we do want to hear how you get on – so send us a screenshot of your score @FourFourTwo and we’ll retweet to see how you compare against everyone else. After you’re done, send it to some pals…


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