Quiz! Can you name the PFA Premier League Teams of the Year from the last decade?

It’s every player to star in the PFA’s best XI during the last decade, from the goalkeeper who’s featured five times to the one-time wonders... 

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The PFA team of the year is a scientific and wholly accurate assessment of the best XI players in a given Premier League season. Which is why, erm, Xabi Alonso, Luka Modric, Michael Essien, Robbie Fowler and more never made it. Right you are.

Still, over the last decade, these are the players who've been voted the best in the league by their fellow professionals – who totally didn’t leave it to the “dressing room James Milner” to fill in the form for everyone while they Snapchatted themselves playing FIFA or bantzing the trainees etc.

At first glance, 110 names might seem intimidating - but fear not. Many are multiple entries. For example, there’s only five different goalkeepers spread across the 10 teams. Elsewhere there are a few trickier brainteasers, including a Newcastle defender and an alarming number of Aston Villa players.

There’s 12 minutes on the clock and we’d love to know your total @FourFourTwo – we’ll retweet the best scores, if you don’t give answers away. Why not challenge some friends too? We always ask and to be honest this bit is cut and pasted most of the time, but the more shares we get, the more quizzes we can create. Win!

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