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Master your finishing: Three finishes in one

Watching Barcelona's attacking triumvirate of Lionel Messi, David Villa and Pedro bewilder the opposition's defence with their clever movement and lightening quick exchanges is a joy.

Fizzing the ball in and around the box, they break through defensive lines and find themselves with an embarrassment of options as they bear down on goal. If one misses, the other is on hand to pounce on the rebound.

The awareness and guile displayed by Barca's deadly trio is emulated in this drill featuring the Nike Academy.

Academy assistant coach, Matt Wells, explains what players should focus on during this session if they want to hone their skills to the tune of the Catalan conductors.

"It's vital the players maintain their concentration. As there are three finishes the players can't afford to switch off," Wells told FFT.

"It's important the players use their arms and their eyes to disguise their finishes to fool the goalkeeper and send them the wrong way.

"Players must ensure they have good coverage of the goal with one player entering the near post zone and the other player attempting to cover both the far and the middle of the goal."

Take this drill into your training sessions and your team will soon be storming the opposition's penalty box on a Sunday morning.

You can find out more about how you can get involved with the Nike Academy, and watch the players’ progress this season, by visiting facebook and

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