Brighton & Hove Albion

27 March 2016
"You only sing when you're... watching?!" Except you don't: we all hum our club's most memorable tunes at some point. Here's our celebration of the best...
27 March 2016
"It's the final countdown... der, der, der, der... duh,der, duh, der, der..."
1 March 2016
The people of England's top 92 sides have spoken – and it's time to begin our list of your team's terrace favourites...
31 July 2015
Bournemouth's backline are something of an unknown quantity for Premier League fans going into the new season. Sam Rowe chats to Cherries skipper Tommy Elphick about the challenge ahead...
13 July 2015
Melbourne City have added to their defensive ranks with the signing of veteran Northern Ireland international Aaron Hughes.
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