Asian Cup Diary - Day 9: Wake-up calls, Twitter rants & moths

Wake up calls are never pleasant. Consider this: how many times have your 'parentals' had to splash a bucket of cold water over you just to make sure that you'd catch that dreaded 'Hillsbus' to school on time. Hmmm.

Well, it seems the Socceroos and the wider Australian public have suffered similar analogous treatment. And just as we were getting ahead of ourselves (you know what they say about complacency), those stealthy South Koreans managed to slip through the back door and ensure that our dreams would be ruined. How pleasant.

First placed finish in Group A - gone. A dream Australia vs Japan final at Stadium Australia in front of a 90,000 strong crowd – next to no chance. The hopes of dreams of a extravagant match-up that could've been will never happen. Those tournament organisers, who already have come under fire for poor scheduling, will be kicking themselves.

You see, as highlighted above, the loss has greater ramifications than just: "Well, we lost in a dead rubber match. Who cares?!"

But the Socceroos quite clearly only have themselves to blame.

Ergo, The Diary sticks to the claim that the Socceroos always win when it's around. But the match was in Brisbane, and who could be bothered going up to Queensland for that. Seriously.

But you know there's not much action happening when the sudden infiltration of moths become a major talking point.

Juric flops

Poor Tomi Juric. It seems things just can't exactly go your way at the moment.

After scoring against Oman, Ange Postecoglou decided to give young Tomi a go at the expense of Tim Cahill, and, well, Australia.

We all know he's a fantastic player and, quite frankly, The Diary rates the lad. But his performance against South Korea won't do his reputation any good.

Having recently turned down an offer to join Shanghai Shenhua for gazillions of dollars in order to pursue his dream of playing in Europe, the director of the Chinese outfit will be counting his lucky stars. Worth buying a lotto ticket, we reckon.

#AngeOut, #HolgerIn

But of course, it wasn’t just the diary that was displeased with the loss. In fact, Twitter users have arguably been me vocal. It's always Twitter users...

And, as a result of the loss came the re-emergence of the #AngeOut and #HolgerIn social media campaigns. Good God, give me a break.

One user commented that he has lost a lot of respect for Postecoglou for chopping and changing a winning formula. That is, a winning formula that managed to emphatically defeat two sub-par sides.

To be fair, Ange did warn us of potential changes something which many paid little attention, including some sections of the media and their inaccurate potential line-ups.

And to add to the Socceroos' woes, Matt Spiranovic is suspended. And, well, we'll have to make do with nice guy Alex Wilkinson for now.

On the other hand, Uli Stielike will be feeling great after a win against the odds. Two players injured and yet their resilience was praiseworthy.

Meanwhile it seems we've all been caught up in the Socceroos blues that we've all forgotten that there was another game on at the same time. Ergh, whatever.

It's South Korea and Australia who qualify. But it seems, despite qualification, the Australian public is becoming harder to please.