Fans sign petition as patience in Bakries dwindles

Fans have joined the fight to save Brisbane Roar after the club lurched back into limbo following the exit of their CEO amid demands from the FFA to the club's Indonesian owners to reveal their plans for the future.

Brisbane fan Chris Kelly has created his own petition calling on former club CEO David Pourre to make sure FFA CEO David Gallop brings a swift end to the debacle.

"It has become clear that the Bakrie Group can no longer continue to be given the privilege of holding an A-League licence," Kelly said. 

"Over the past 12 months we have seen the Bakrie Group remove all financial support from Brisbane Roar resulting in the club not paying players and staff, defaulting on creditors and facing a wind up order.

"The former CEO made good on promises that he would leave the club if mismanagement continued."

The petition statement adds: "On the pitch, the financial instability has resulted in the club losing two of the best young players in the league in Luke Brattan and James Donachie. This cannot go on. The FFA need to step in and revoke the licence from the Bakrie Group. 

"The petition does also aim to avoid this situation occuring to any FFA club and calls on all fans to sign it. 

"Furthermore, this can't be allowed to happen again, to any club.

"It is the responsibility of the FFA to properly vet potential club owners and if owners do not respect the gravity of this responsibility, the FFA need to step in promptly to avoid further damage to the club, the brand, the A-League and football generally in Australia."

By 6pm on Thursday, the petitition had 439 supporters, with a target of 500.