Jets sale to be finalised within weeks

The sale of Newcastle Jets to a Chinese consortium is expected to go through within a fortnight, with well known Central Coast footballing personality Lawrie McKinna in line for a administrative role.

FourFourTwo understands that the deal is set to be finalised within two weeks after the Martin Lee led consortium had talks with the Western Sydney Wanderers ownership group and the FFA.

Fairfax Media reported that former Central Coast Mariners coach and Central Coast Mayor Lawrie McKinna was in-line for a potential management position.

"There's been a few rumours flying around here the last couple of months," McKinna told FourFourTwo.

"Some being coaching, some beind Director of Football, some being CEO."

"All that I've said, and it's been briefly mentioned, is that I'd like a position at a club with owners."

McKinna reiterated his interest however, if a position opened up at Hunter Stadium.

"Yeah I'd been interested in a position - I stepped down from the game a year and a half ago as ambassador," he said.

"I've been asked if I'd be keen to get back into the game, and obviously I would."

McKinna also confirmed that he's been helping facilitate the deal by both advising the consortium and setting up meetings.

"These guys are definitely interested," he said.

"They asked me, with my good name with the FFA, to help set up the required meetings."

McKinna's involvement wasn't just local, but also over in the Chinese mainland where he liaised with Lee's company, the Ledman Group. 

"They flew me over to China for a few days and I presented to the people at Ledman," he said.

"Due dilligence is being done, this guy doesn't just talk the talk - it's all about the way he does his business."