Musica Copa returns: MOS Q and A

After last year’s hugely successful inaugural event, Musica Copa returns bigger than ever to Marrickville’s KIKOFF centre at Fraser Park on December 5, 2014.

 See below as we go one-on-one with Ministry of Sound skipper and Man U diehard, Duncan Collins, to see how MOS is preparing for the big event.

To cope with demand, the tournament has expanded to 16 teams and switched to a more crowd-friendly Friday evening format.

“As far as music industry events go, last year’s Musica Copa brought something fresh and exciting to the often tiresome and cliched format” said state co-founders Paul Stix (UNDR ctrl) and Martin Novosel (Purple Sneakers, Boundary Sounds).

“This year we’re taking it up a level, with more teams, improved infrastructure and more to be donated to charity – demonstrating that the music industry can not only have fun, but give back to the community whilst doing so”.

This year fans will be able to experience Musica Copa firsthand, with organisers offering the chance for two lucky winners to hang out with the stars, joining in for a full day of behind the scenes footy, music and beers, plus some amazing merchandise, festival tickets, headphones and more.

For more information on how to enter, plus for your chance to win runners-up VIP days out at Musica Copa, head here and register.

Duncan Collins

MC: Who’s your all-time favourite player and why?
DC: Either Mark Hughes or Roy Keane. Sparky because he gave me some of the best goals of my boyhood (vs Barcelona, vs Liverpool, and ironically Oldham in the cup semi to rescue us), Keano because of the Juventus game in ‘99.

MC: Which team do you support?
DC: Man United

MC: How do you rate the A-League?
DC: Getting better - C+. Good crowd happening as well, in terms of numbers at least!

MC: What’s the greatest goal you’ve ever seen?
DC: Olly in the Champions League Final 99! Amazing! And also Van Persie’s equaliser a few weeks back against Chelscum.

MC: What’s the best match you’ve ever seen / been to?
DC: Sorry to keep saying United, but the United-Arsenal FA Cup semi-final was pretty spectacular from both sides, again ‘99, penalty save from Schmeichel, sendings off, Giggs goal, Bergkamp, Beckham all the greats…

MC: What’s your position on the pitch?
DC: All over the place! But left wing if you will.

MC: Who’s your secret weapon for Musica Copa?
DC: Supreme tactics and a lot of stretching!

MC: Which other Musica Copa team would you most like to play against and why?
DC: Sweat It Out, it’s like a derby given they live downstairs!

MC: How do you think you’ll go in the tournament? 
DC: Hopefully win it, but semis would be good.

MC: Tell us about the charity you have nominated?
DC: Headspace is a great charity aimed at helping young people keep on track, whether it’s depression, drugs or education. Amongst many amazing charities out there is one that felt relevant to this comp and to the future in general. (Learn more about Headspace here)

For all things MOS, head to their website.