Not good enough Tony: FFA's sage words for Glory owner

Perth Glory chairman and owner Tony Sage was not absolved from fault in the club’s salary cap saga, with Football Federation Australia pointing to a "complete breakdown in proper corporate governance".

CEO Jason Brewer resigned last Friday taking full responsibility for the scandal that sunk the club’s title tilt and disqualified the high-flying team from the finals series.

But FFA has taken a dim view of Sage’s oversight of the A-League outfit despite claims Brewer “acted alone”.

"We noted the Glory chairman's comments over the weekend in relation to his role in the salary cap situation at Perth,” FFA boss David Gallop told Fairfax Media.

“At the very least he says that there were times when he had his hands off the wheel, which is obviously unacceptable.

“So now we have both the CEO and the chairman taking responsibility for what led to the salary cap breaches. All of that points to a complete breakdown in proper corporate governance.

"Salary cap payments become a problem when they are not disclosed to the league. In other words it is one thing to make the payments, it is another to make sure they are disclosed.

“Having a board in place that asks the appropriate questions is part of the checks and balances that need to be in place. 

“It is impossible to ever completely get to the bottom of things, but what we can say is that it is textbook stuff of 'what not to do' and it is good to see the chairman acknowledging that a new approach to the governance of the club is necessary."

Glory’s systematic rorting of the salary cap over three seasons culminated in the 2014/15 campaign where the club exceeded the $2.55 million limit to the tune of $500,000.

The club was fined $269,000 and will be dumped to 7th at the end of the regular season.