Optus unveil EPL apps and $30/month mobile deal

Optus have lifted the lid on their EPL offering for next season – and now a $30/month postpaid mobile phone plan will get you full, free EPL access.

The telecoms firm has reacted to a fan backlash and widespread confusion over their deals for next season after they outbid Fox Sports for the EPL rights in Australia in a three year $180m deal.

Under the new offering:-

* The minimum cost is a $30/month mobile phone postpaid contract including calls and data.

* You don’t need to stream it over Optus.

* Apps will be available on iPhones, iPads, Apple TV and Android.

* And an optional new $5 a month mini Fetch TV box will be available to stream the EPL onto your big screen TV, regardless of your home broadband supplier.

Registering before July 30 with a minimum $30 postpaid mobile phone plan will include calls, data and EPL access on up to four mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop devices.

Signing up after that date may cost an extra $15 a month, depending on your mobile plan.

After registering, a login will allow you to use the new Optus EPL app on iOS or Android apps and connect to the internet whatever way you like.

Customers with an Apple TV 4 will be able to watch on their big screen TV via an app, while older Apple TV users can stream the action from their mobile or desktop connection by Airplay.

Android apps weren’t showcased today but are on the way and likely to include Chromecast capability, similar to Apple’s Airplay.

For an extra $5 a month, you can get the the new Fetch Mini box which operates in the same way as an Apple TV, allowing you to stream the action to your big screen via any kind of non-mobile broadband. It also includes apps for other streaming TV services like Netflix and Stan.

Optus broadband customers can also watch on the full-size Fetch TV set top box, whether or not they have the full Yes TV entertainment package.

The latest mobile apps on display today allow users to follow the action with just one tap after launching the app, with the ability to skip back to kick off if you come in to the match late.

It will also feature full replays of every game a minute after the full-time whistle blows, and will bring a full package of features, panel shows, analysis and highlights 24x7.

Although four devices can be registered (and changed), only one can be active at any one time.

However the app allows for split screen/picture in picture viewing of two different games simultaneously, while a third can also be showing on your big screen TV via a set top box.

Optus Head of TV and Content Paul Rybicki said they’d designed the app after studying the success of similar online sports apps worldwide.

He added: “We looked at markets where sport is delivered over the internet already — the US in particular with NFL, NBA and baseball. 

“All of those sports are quite ahead of us in terms of delivering content over the internet.”

Rural viewers or customers in internet black spots can access the same satellite broadcast of games to their TV that Optus will be delivering to pubs and clubs around the country for a $250 installation fee, plus ongoing monthly fees. 

The Optus experience begins next month when they screen the International Champions Cup as a warm up to the EPL coverage starting in August, with the apps set to be publicly available from July 4.