Rostyn Griffiths' Dutch delight

Australian midfielder Rostyn Griffiths is enjoying his first taste of Dutch football as Roda JC continues their impressive start to the new season.

Griffiths joined the Dutch side from Perth Glory in the off-season with the 27-year old playing in all six games of the Eredivisie so far and scored one goal.

“I’m really enjoying it here so far,” Griffiths told FourFourTwo.

“We’ve only had one loss so far and drew against NEC, although we should have won.”

Roda JC currently sit in sixth place in the Dutch league, with three wins, two draws and just one defeat.

De Koempels was relegated to the second division, after 41 years in the top flight, in 2014 before being promoted back to Eredivisie this year.

Fellow Aussie Tomi Juric came off the bench on the weekend and made his first-team debut in Roda JC’s 1-1 draw with Feyenoord.

On Wednesday night (AEST) three Australians were on the pitch in the KNVB Beker as Roda cruised past De Treffers 3-0. Juric scored and Daniel De Silva came off the bench just after the hour to make his debut.

Griffiths said he has reasonably content with his own form so far.

“I’ve been pretty happy to be fair, I thought it would have taken me a bit longer to get used to the league but so far so good,” Griffiths said. “I’m at about 90% fitness, so a little bit more and I'll be happy.

“(The manager’s) given me a few good references in magazines and in the media. And spoke to me a few times personally about how he's happy. But he's always got somethings for me to improve on.”

Griffiths has played in Scotland, England, the A-League and China before. The former Joey has been impressed by the standard of play in Holland.

“The standard is good – everyone tries to play football and has a really high technical level,” he said.

“I think the main differences are just the overall speed of the game and the individual quality in the final third. And in an odd way, the games seem to mean more to people here than Australia.”

Roda JC head to De Grolsch Veste on Sunday to take on FC Twente.

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Yep, that's one thing people don't realise here. Even if we won the world cup, in Australia we wouldn't make a big deal of it. It would only be a big deal for 2-3 weeks and after that the majority would go back to work, NRL, AFL, A-League whatever, and we will think it's No Big Deal to win a world cup after we win it.
We've won the WC in other sports and just like that we'd make no big deal over it. However, overseas, they take football very seriously and when they win it would mean more to their public.

Make no mistake though. In order to win the WC, to the players it means just as much to our Tim Cahill and the boys as it does to Italy, Germany or France or England. However in England they take League 4 more serious than we take State of Origin NRL. Which is all the more reason that our Socceroos need to be congratulated in 2018 when they win the world cup, despite not getting so much of that support the other countries like Brazil gets, where even the dogs and cats watch every game with great passion !