Stajcic: 'We can beat anyone'

Australia coach Alen Stajcic said belief was high in the Matildas' squad just days out from the Women's World Cup.

The Matildas have a tough opening clash against United States on Tuesday morning (AEST) in a difficult Group D, which also includes Sweden and Nigeria.

But Stajcic and his team are full of confidence ahead of the tournament in Canada, having arrived in Winnipeg.

"We're an underdog if you look at rankings, but in our beliefs we don't think we're far off the pace," he told reporters.

"You can talk in whichever language you want, it really comes down to what you do on the pitch and we believe we can beat anyone in the world on any given day and it's up to us to prove it."

The 'Group of Death' will make things difficult for the Matildas, with the USA (second in the world rankings), Sweden (fifth) and Nigeria (2014 African Women's Championship winners) tricky opponents.

Stajcic said having a clash against the Americans first-up had actually helped the Matildas.

"I think it's definitely given us focus," he said.

"From the time the draw came out I know the players were zeroing in on the American game.

"A lot of them played in the NWSL last year, a good portion of them, so for them just to have that extreme focus game one, it really brought the team together and gave them a focus they've probably never had before.

"Knowing that you're coming up against one of the powerhouses of the sport in your first game just has to drive that concentration and focus and energy all towards that point.

"It's really been a blessing in disguise, in that respect, in that we've had so much focus and pride and motivation by the team.

"All the players sacrificed playing overseas for the last four months just so we can prepare. It just shows what kind of effort and spirit they've got to play for their country."