26 June 2016
What separates Pep and Jose? Why was his partnership with Hasselbaink so great? Will he play in the same team as his kid, just like his dad? The Iceman answers... 
21 April 2016
The Manchester United legends spills the beans on his career to FFT in 2008, including his departure from Leeds, his acting and that night at Selhurst...
20 April 2016
The Liverpool legend answers your questions in our One-on-One career reflective...
9 December 2015
The former player and pundit, and now Valencia's head coach, tackles FourFourTwo readers' posers about arguing with Fergie, hating Liverpool and chatting up a mop...
5 August 2014
Never let it be said that FourFourTwo doesn’t put in the hard yards to get you access to the biggest football names on the planet past and present.
24 July 2014
"I knew it was a goal straight away. I don’t want to dig out a lino or a ref, but that was so far over the line!"
15 January 2014
"A lot of goalkeepers congratulated me when I scored goals against them"
15 January 2014
"De Jong's tackle deserved a red card and three months in jail..."
22 November 2013
"We really should have won the World Cup in 1998. We were the best team. France didn't want to play us in the final"
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