Ashley's step by step gym guide: Improve your strength

Get Premier League power, with these three essential exercises from Manchester United's Ashley Young


Stand on the Bosu ball with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a 2-4kg medicine ball out in front of you and move it in a figure of eight. The action should be smooth and controlled, without rotation of the hips. This can be progressed by executing the exercise on one leg. If the exercise is hard you can take the Bosu away and do it on the ground.
Reps: 5-8 Sets: 1-3


Get into a plank position, making sure your elbows are under your shoulders and your body is straight with your hips raised slightly. From there, bring one leg out to the side and forwards, bringing the raised knee in-line with the elbow and then move back to start position. Repeat with other leg.
Reps: 20 Sets: 3

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Get into a sitting position. Cross your legs, bend your knees and bring them into your chest until your heels are inches from the floor. Keep your back upright and your legs and shoulders stationary. Have a partner throw a 4kg medicine ball, for you to chest-pass back. This boosts your stability on the ball.
Reps: 15 Sets: 3

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