Aziz Behich: Back yourself

Melbourne Heart and Socceroos full-back Aziz Behich talks about taking on opponents, crossing when tired and how to defend when isolated
Taking on opponents

“Especially in the front third, if I’m one-on-one, I like to back myself. Before I receive the ball, I observe the situation that I’ll be in and I’ll make the decision early.”

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“I think about dribbling before I get the ball, I’ve already got that in my mind. Thinking before you receive the ball and knowing what you want to do is a main part when you want to take someone on.”

Crossing tired

“You do get tired, but you’ve got to pick and choose your moments when you get forward. One tip that I learned when I first started with my crossing was to keep my head down and get your foot under the ball and aim in between the six-yard box and the penalty area.”

Getting isolated

“Depending on the situation, you’ve got to get down with a low sense of gravity and jockey to delay them until your defenders get back. If your player doesn’t beat you, you’ve done your job in my opinion.”

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