Possession with forward progression

Ron Smith shows how you can progress from an 8 player positioning practice to a 16 player game to develop possession with forward progression.

Here Ron Smith - our resident coaching guru - demonstrates how you can develop forward progression for your team whilst maintaining controlled possession in a series of exercises that develop from an eight player positioning practice to an 8v8 full pressure training game.

There are a series of practices here that can be tailored to the numbers and quality of the players you have at your disposal to ensure that you are not just encouraging possession for possession's sake but showing your team how to add penetration to its possession spotting the right moment to move the ball forward to more advanced team mates.

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At the same the defending players are also learning and practicing how to press more effectively to prevent teams playing through them easily.

Ron Smith has his own coaching website - The Football Centre – for more information visit www.thefootballcentre.com.au

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