Premier League to the core

Generate Premier League power with three core strength building exercises from Vancouver's Nigel Reo-Coker
The ultimate gut-buster
There are plenty of good ways to work your abdominal muscles but here are three of the best exercises. First up, it’s the basic sit-up. For this, you just have to lie on your back, bend your knees and put your feet flat on the ground, then bring up your arms slowly, feeling your stomach pull as you do.”

Climbing sit-ups
Different look, same effect
“The second exercise sees you adopting the same shape as the basic sit-up, but instead of bringing your arms towards your knees, imagine you’re pulling downwards on an invisible rope. It might look daft, but again you should feel your stomach stretch as you keep your back in the same position.”

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Hip thrusts
Lose your love handles
“The last abdominal exercise is a little more complicated than the others, designed to work the areas normal sit-ups don’t. Lie on your side, with your legs together and your weight on your elbow so that only your foot and your elbow are touching the floor. Slowly bounce up and down on your elbow, feeling the pull on your side. This works those dreaded love handles and when completed, should be repeated on the other side.”

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