Smith: Communication equals togetherness

Brisbane Roar skipper Matt Smith says without communication it all falls down all over the park

Communication breeds cohesion

“Playing at the back, communication is vital. Beyond the goalkeeper, you can pretty much see everything.

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“Communication to your backline and midfielders play a pivotal role in trying to a) prevent goals around you and b) trying to organise the players around you to build attacks.

“Without communication that togetherness won’t coincide.”

Cut off channels with communication

“In the main it’s about positioning. For our midfielders, I’m often talking to Brattsy (Luke Brattan), Matt McKay or Liam Miller on the other side, in terms of stepping left or right. The way we play, they don’t necessarily man mark, but we like to cut channels off."

Team-mates don't have eyes in the back of their heads

“They don’t have eyes in the back of their heads, so if we can communicate one particular direction to them it cuts off apass and gives them a good heads-up in terms of cutting off balls and gives them a chance to close the ball down.”

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