Quiz! Can you name every country to compete at a FIFA World Cup?

Ronaldo Nazario looks at his 2002 FIFA World Cup winners trophy for Brazil during a photo session on March 12, 2018 in Madrid, Spain.
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10 minutes on the clock, 84 countries to guess.

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According to those that have done it, there's no greater feeling than representing your country at the World Cup.

While the tournament, for many, is about the stars – the Maradonas and Peles, Ronaldos and Messis – a nice subplot every four years in the group stage is welcoming a country that have never competed before.

There's always one. There always has been at least one new country at every tournament since the inaugural World Cup back in 1930. This year, we know for sure that Qatar will be there: but since this is a quiz looking back at past World Cups… they're not on the list just yet. 

For this quiz, we'd like you to name each one. Where countries have changed names – ah, politics – either answer will count, but you get a point for each. The year refers to the country's debut in the World Cup.


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