How we didn't decide the 100 best players in the world 2016: Part 2

We've counted down the top 100 footballers in the world as they stand right at this second. We argued for hours over who should make the final 100 and where exactly they should rank, and asked many players and pundits for their opinions too.

The Top 100


And this video is part two of how we completely did NOT decide on the players who should appear in our list. Please note that no footballers were harmed in the making of this video. (And, *sigh*... obviously, this is a fictional story.) Of particular interest, Spurs fans might want to check out how one of their attacking midfielders uses our player liaison officer, while Leicester City star Jamie Vardy gets a mention too. As well as a certain Real Madrid superstar.

You can find part one of How We Didn't Choose The Best 100 Players In The World here.

And our video of what the person on the street makes of our top 100 (and the odd made-up footballer) here.

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FourFourTwo’s Best 100 Football Players in the World 2016

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