One man, one WC, 31 shirts

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Can News Editor Gregg Davies wear a different football-themed shirt every day for the entirety of the tournament? Well let's see... stay tuned every day!

Day 1: Friday 11 June
(South Africa 1-1 Mexico, Uruguay 0-0 France)

"Let's start with a classic, the red England away kit. And yes, that's a half-naked Homer Simpson coming out of the top of my head."

Day 2: Saturday 12 June
(S Korea 2-0 Greece, Argentina 1-0 Nigeria, England 1-1 USA)

"Small-screen villain causes disappointment at Casa Davies."

Day 3: Sunday 13 June
(Algeria 0-1 Slovenia, Serbia 0-1 Ghana, Germany 4-0 Australia)

"It's the only way to go."

Day 4: Monday 14 June
(Holland 2-0 Denmark, Japan 1-0 Cameroon, Italy 1-1 Paraguay)

"Another day, another team, another draw."

Day 5: Tuesday 15 June
(New Zealand 1-1 Slovakia, Ivory Coast 0-0 Portugal, Brazil 2-1 North Korea)

"Classic memories."

Day 6: Wednesday 16 June
(Honduras 0-1 Chile, Spain 0-1 Switzerland, South Africa 0-3 Uruguay)

"Fifteen-hour days starting to take their toll. Lego Gazza seems apt."

Day 7: Thursday 17 June
(Argentina 4-1 South Korea, Greece 2-1 Nigeria, France 0-2 Mexico) 

"A great line-up, this, if not particularly effective at set-pieces - too short."

Day 8: Friday 18 June
(Germany 0-1 Serbia, Slovenia 2-2 USA, England 0-0 Algeria) 
"Praying for victory."

Day 9: Saturday 19 June
(Holland 1-0 Japan, Ghana 1-1 Australia, Cameroon 1-2 Denmark) 

"The morning after."

Day 10: Sunday 20 June
(Slovakia 0-2 Paraguay, Italy 1-1 New Zealand, Brazil 3-1 Ivory Coast) 

"Mania sets in."

Day 11: Monday 21 June
(Portugal 7-0 North Korea, Chile 1-0 Switzerland, Spain 2-0 Honduras) 

"Medication kicks in."

Day 12: Tuesday 22 June
(Mexico 0-1 Uruguay, France 1-2 South Africa, Nigeria 2-2 South Korea, Greece 0-2 Argentina) 

"It's the hope that kills you."

Day 13: Wednesday 23 June
(Slovenia-England, USA-Algeria, Ghana-Germany, Australia-Serbia) 

"Do I have to take this to the pub, gaffer?"

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