Quiz! Can you identify these 40 European club sides by their unusual nicknames?

From the Monkey Hangers to the Flying Donkeys via the Jam Tarts, it’s the amazing world of club nicknames. How many do you know?

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There’s plenty of Reds, Blues, Dons and U’s – there’s even a few Canaries and Robins flying around. Yet some football clubs boast a more bizarre and inventive nickname.

For some of these clubs, the below are in addition to a more formal moniker. Others proudly boast their unusual animal or foodstuff as their main handle. But each is an actual in-use nickname, and not something we’ve made up. Honest.

We’ve restricted this to Europe to give you a fighting chance, and because we daren’t even delve into the wonderful world of African team nicknames (their official club names alone are epic enough themselves).

Now, each club’s nickname is below along with their country. Let us know how you do @FourFourTwo – we’ll retweet the best efforts – and challenge some pals as well. If you fancy more of the same, try our player nickname quiz too. Good luck!

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