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Quiz! Can you name all 30 South American players to appear in the Premier League in 2017/18?

Back when the Premier League first started, South Americans were a rarely seen attraction. They tended to prefer the homelier lands of Spain, Portugal or somewhere else that doesn’t get quite so freezing in the winter.

However as the Prem has become a more diverse (and richer) league, we’ve been blessed to see some fine South American talents, troubling British pundits with their wooly gloves and dazzling technique.

A total of 30 footballers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela have made at least one Premier League appearance so far this season – with six featuring in every game.

You have seven minutes to try to recall the lot, then please let us know how you did @FourFourTwo. Please also challenge some mates too – the more people that play these, the more we can keep on making. Great for all of us. Gracias!

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