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Quiz! Can you name every club in the Champions League and Europa League group stages last season?

Champions League trophy
(Image credit: PA)

12 minutes on the clock, 80 clubs to guess. 

Remember to tweet your scores @FourFourTwo and share with your mates.

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Last season, seven English clubs qualified for the group stage of Europe's top two competitions. Just a season later and it's now illegal for each of those sides' managers to all be in the same room together.

2018/19 was the bold new dawn of English football with two sides in the Champions League final and two in the Europa League. That exciting new era suffered a bit of a setback last season, with no side managing to come back to European competition in August refreshed enough to take a title.

Still, English sides aside, there were 73 other sides - all titans of their respective nations - bidding for a European crown. 

How many of them can you remember?

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