Quiz! Can you name the teams who've been relegated from the Premier League since 1992/93?

Few clubs who've graced the top flight have avoided dropping out of it at some point – but can you remember who's suffered the ignominy? 

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Bodies sprawled. Players on their haunches. Fans muted. And always – always – the crying child some evil camera-wielder has managed to pick out in the crowd. 

We all know the score when relegation bites – some clubs' supporters more than others. Two teams have been relegated from the Premier League four times, and many more have faced up to the drop more than once. But can you name them all?

With six minutes on the clock, we want you to list all 73 instances of clubs going down in Premier League history (four teams suffered it in 1994/95 – the last 22-team season). Once you've done, tell us your scores @FourFourTwo and we'll retweet them to our followers to see how you stack up. After that, why not test some friends to see who the biggest brainbox in your group is?

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