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FIFA 22: Four new skill moves set to be added to the game

(Image credit: EA)

Teasers of new features in FIFA 22 are starting to drip through ahead of the game's release in the autumn, with four new skill moves set to be added to the game.

First Time Spin, Four Touch Skill, Scoop Turn Fake and Skill Bridge are all set to feature in FIFA 22 as EA expands the capability of what kinds of tricks users can do with individual players.

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Details around these new moves are sketchy at current - but given the emphasis in the 2022 version of the game to control the game with first-time skill, it is likely that most or all of these skill moves will be various first touches for your players to use.

The Skill Bridge is likely to be an expansion of the Bridge technique that was added in FIFA 21, enabling players to knock a ball into space before running onto it. 

In FIFA games, players are rated from one to five on their "skill" ability to complete fancier tricks. Players with lower skill ratings can only complete the most basic flicks on offer on the game, while the 5*-skill players are capable of the most exciting skills. 

Over the coming weeks and months, EA will announce which players have been given 5*-skill ratings ahead of FIFA 22 - while it's possible that even more new skill moves will be added to the game itself.  

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